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Japanese selvedge denim – on the hips.

Boot cut, skinny, slim , regular, straight, jeggings - you’ve probably even got a pair in boyfriend cut. However, now is time to get a pair of heavy Japanese selvedge denim in a boyfriend style cut to hang on your hips.

To get the right fit and look that will hang loosely on your hips; I recommend that you actually get a pair of men’s jeans that will hang on your hips in a looser way than women’s which obviously go in at the hips and don’t hang in the way that I am suggesting.  I know what you are probably thinking “pffft that’s not my style, I don’t wear my jeans like that”. If you think you are one of those girls, I would actually say YOU are probably the girl this will look best on. The key is OFFSETTING* which is not just about your outfit but also who you are as a person. Wear them with a blouse or fitted shirt such as below.

For brands, do some research and find out what brand you like best and what oz. you want. The heavier the oz the better as they will sit better with your trainers/shoes as well as last years (I even have a pair still from 15 years ago.)

* I will explain offsetting in another post

WARNING! Only to be worn when cleaning the house.

I have nothing personally against them and understand that they have a usage. If I were a girl I would probably wear them to lounge around the house when hungover or if feeling suicidal having just found out my sister was getting married to Jeremy Kyle. However, there seems to be an increasing number of people who think it is ok to wear them out of the house; and to those people I SAY NO, NO F**K NO. And to those people who think they are ok to wear to work, I hope Jeremy Kyle becomes a Mormon and runs off with your gran, mum and sister and little brother.  In case, you haven’t guessed what item I am talking about.  LEGGINGS!

There is something so Paul’s Boutique (shit covered in glitter and a soft runny one at that) about them and what baffles me furthermore is why anyone would wear them in a smart context tow ork. As you probably know I am all up for offsetting but wearing a smart top and shoes with fading black leggings that look as if you have had them in the back of your moth infested wardrobe for the past 3 years is not a good look and certainly won’t help those promotional prospects.  What makes me laugh even more is the amount of women who wear leggings which are faded so much or of such a cheap quality that they are pratically see through.

So unless you are going to a fancy dress party as Kerry Katona please ditch those leggings or atleast put them with your painting/gardening clothes… In the shed.

The pencil skirt - Must have item for winter wardrobe

I have heard many girls talking about how they are shopping for a winter wardrobe and need new clothes. Well for me, one of the first items that should be bought is a neutral coloured pencil skirt which really is a must have item for any girl’s wardrobe. It’s a great office-ready piece that can be paired with just about anything, from a printed top, blouse, blazer or even your boyfriend’s big baggy cardigan over a nice blouse; the ways in which you can wear it really are limitless.  It really is a classic piece that can easily transition into just about any style, the pencil skirt should be one of your wardrobe staples.

A printed pencil skirt is a serious attention grabber. Don’t be afraid to go for a large, eye-popping print – you can offset the bold statement by keeping the rest of your outfit streamlined and neutral. Or, take it over the top and pair your printed skirt with a printed top – there really are no set boundaries.

It’s their curve hugging shape that makes pencil skirts an inherently sexy piece of clothing that is flattering on both slim and curvy girls alike(see Joan from Mad Men). I would refrain from wearing with a pair of super high heels as you don’t want your outfit to look as if you are trying to be overtly sexy - that is unless you have a date or you want to make an entrance. Instead, pair a sturdy grey skirt, with laid back basics to put a fun and casual twist on the style.

Joan eat your heart out!

4 Current Style Icons (you may not have heard of)

These 4 style icons are in no particularly order and some of them are in there for fairly random reasons. But more often than not, all of them tend to look stylish.  I have also made chosen ones you may not have heard of as it would have been too easy to pick mainstream style icons.

1. Julia Sarr-Jamois

Julia is a former model and now editor of Wonderland magazine. I have seen Julia for a number of years now and every time I see her she always looks cool and wearing what I would call a hopscotch of clothes. She proves that looking good comes from the inside as she can often throw on the most random of clothes. I can testify to this first hand - not because I am a stalker or hang outside Somerset House every season but because she used to live right next door to me. She moved out a few years ago but her mum still lives there and so is a regular visitor to see her - even on a random Sunday morning she seems to look stylish.

2. Dree Hemingway

Dree is a fashion model come actress and great-grand daughter of Ernest Hemingway. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Effortless style.

3. Cara Delevigne

Cara gets on the list for two reason - yes she looks stylish and cool but mainly because I like the fact that she often makes the most stupid faces when being papped. This is so refreshing, as it has almost become a trend amongst girls to pout like they are sucking on a rhubarb and custard sweetie. When this became fashionable I don’t know but girls please smile or just make a face, any face but DON’T do the trout pout. 

4. Jessica Pare (Janie Bryant)

Ok this one is kind of cheating as she is a character from the TV programme Mad Men and for that reason I have given credit to the costume designer Janie Bryant.  Any of you who know Mad Men will know and appreciate ‘Megan’ and how she is immaculately presented. She wears the coolest 60’s clothes and her quirky teeth actually make her prettier and add to her look. What is it about quirky features I don’t know but I dread the day that Don gets fed up with her and ditches her for a new wife.


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